Out of State Bulk Flowers Shipping

At the moment, we are accepting out of state shipping orders for BULK FLOWERS. 

BULK FLOWERS are bought in large quantities, usually for a DIY event, DIY wedding florals, and other projects. 

Our minimum to ship flowers in the US is $200. 

Handling fee varies based on ship date, demand, and amount of flowers but is typically $45 per order


STEP 1: Please fill out our contact form to inquire

STEP 2: One of our Sales Representatives will contact you to help place order. Order includes itemized list of flowers, handling fee, delivery date to airport, and address of airport we are delivering to.

STEP 4: Upon fulfillment of order, we take a photo of the freshness of flowers and send it to the you to ensure quality, then we pack the flowers and deliver them to the airport. 

STEP 5: The airport gives us an airway bill (AWB) that we then immediately send over to the customer via text message. This AWB includes a serial number to track this shipping as well as pay their airline bill online. The customer also has the option to pay for airline bill upon pick up at the airport. 

Customer pays directly to the airline for the freight. 

We ship to your closest airport. 

We only follow the routes of Southwest Cargo. 

We deliver locally to California in the OC and LA County.

For more information on how much your freight cost would be, please contact Southwest Cargo (closest facility)


“How long does it take to ship?”


The west coast area is the same day. At times there can be delays when they don't have a direct flight from airport to airport. 

Please contact Southwest Cargo for more information, as they are the company that handles the shipping for the flowers. 

Once the airline books the flight, we always select “next flight guarantee” which means that the airline is obligated to fly it out on the next flight. 

$45 is our handling fee to hand it over to the airline, it is not the delivery service that handles the airline shipping. 

**We send pictures of flowers to show that they are in good condition and once we hand over the product to the airline, we are no longer responsible for the product onwards including the rare case if the products gets lost or damaged. 

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