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Spray Rose Corsage

Spray Rose Corsage

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A corsage is a floral bracelet for formal events in times of celebration!

The Spray Rose Corsage is a newer option to the Traditional Rose Corsage. The Spray Rose is a mini rose, which makes the floral bracelet look less bulky on the wrist, and generally looks more delicate than the Traditional Rose Corsage.

Pictures above are some examples of the spray corsages we have made in the past. 

Since every date and dance is unique and personalized, we have made the option to customize your corsage. 

We recommend the spray rose color to accent the dress color.

(Example: White and Ivory spray roses go with pretty much any dress color! Burgundy spray roses look great with darker attire, Light Pink spray roses look great with lighter dress colors.)

We recommend the ribbon color to match the dress color. 

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